Mr Kubencha  Ezekiel-(HOD) Sciences 

This is one of the largest departments and comprises of the following subjects; Physics Biology and Chemistry .

The following are the members

1)      mr kubencha Ezekiel –HOD

2)      Mr Makori Daniel

3)      Mr Nyaribo Justus

4)      Mr Mogire Kepher

5)      Mrs Miruka Rowylne

The general objects of the department are;

i)        The learner should be able to demonstrate a sense of honesty and high integrity in all aspects of physic and life in general

ii)      The learner should be able to use the knowledge acquired to discover and apply it to dissolve and promote healthy society

iii)    Acquire positive attitude towards sciences

iv)    Use the knowledge in the conservation and management of the environment

v)      Observe general safety precautions in all aspects of life and develop a capacity for critical thinking and solving problems in any situation.

To achieve the above objectives the following strategies have been embraced in the department

a)      Syllabus coverage done early

b)      Team teaching at subject level and coordinated by HOD and analysis done

c)      Exams done, marked and immediate release and revision is done

d)     Practicals are done at all levels because it is a practical oriented subject

e)      Interclass contests and other external contests done to evaluate learners

In regard to the above, the department will like to thank the administration for providing practical requirements in time for it to achieve its goals.

Students taking a physics practical examination


This is the Home

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It is a core department at Nyanchwa Boys High School. It has two sub-departments, that is catering and students welfare.

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