This is the oldest and well established department at Nyanchwa Boys. It has four competent teachers

  1. Mr. Nyandondi (H.O.D
  2. Mr. Mogire      (D.O.S)
  3. Mr. Kubencha Ezekiel
  4. Mr. Makori Daniel

The major objectives of the department are, learners should be able

i)                    to develop  a positive attitude towards leaning mathematics

ii)                  Perform mathematical operations and manipulations with confidence, speed and accuracy.

iii)                Think and reason precisely, logically and critically in any given situation.

iv)                Develop investigative skills in mathematics.

v)                  Identify, concretize, symbols and use mathematical relationships in everyday life.

vi)                Collect, organize, represent analyze, interpret data and make conclusions and predictions from its results.

vii)              Apply mathematical knowledge and skills to familiar and unfamiliar situations.

viii)            Appreciate the role value and use of mathematics in society.

ix)                develop a willingness to work collaboratively

x)                  Acquire knowledge and skills for further educations and training.

She following are some of the strategies put in place to enable the department achieve its objectives

1)      Early syllabus coverage

2)      teach teaching

3)      exposure of learners to many exams

4)      exposure of learners to contests

5)      use of KNEC papers from revision

6)      embracing discussion groups and beer teaching

7)      learner motivation and reinforcement

The department enjoys good relationship support and harmony form the administration


This is the Home

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It is a core department at Nyanchwa Boys High School. It has two sub-departments, that is catering and students welfare.

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