1. Jane Momanyi-H.O.D
  2. Beatrice Onsomu- H.O.S History
  3. Gladys Gwaro H.O.S CRE-Secretary
  4. Beatrice Aruba-Member
  5. Beatrice Ogega-member

The department comprises of three subjects: CRE, History and Geography.

The  objective of the department is to achieve higher performance from our students both spiritually, mentally, socially and academically. So we do a lot of subject counseling so that the students are able to make right decision when making subject selection.


 Some of the strategies that we have put in place to enable the department to achieve our objective are:

i)                    Having parental guidance to our students

ii)                  Ensuring completion of the syllabus in time

iii)                Having external contests to expose our students to other students outside the school

iv)                Having a healthy internal contests

v)                  ensuring that the  students have updated notes

vi)                Inviting guest speakers to guide the students on different subject areas.

vii)              encouraging peer teaching

viii)            encouraging group discussions

ix)                having frequent meetings in the department for monitoring, controlling and evaluation so that to ensure we are moving in the right direction in line with the school objectives(cooperate objectives)


In conclusion the laid strategies have enabled our department to achieve higher performance in the KCSE Results.



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It is a core department at Nyanchwa Boys High School. It has two sub-departments, that is catering and students welfare.

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