School Motto:                  Juhudi Zetu, Ufanisi wetu.


Vision:                  A model Institution for moulding respectable, loyal, innovative and honest citizens.


Mission:                Provide Holistic Education Services that develop Knowledge, Talent and Desire to make positive difference in the world.


Core values:

-          Integrity

-          Service to God

-          Unity

-          Decency

-          Stewardship

-          Respect

-          Honest

-          Community Service.



Nyanchwa Boys High School is situated 1.5km from Kisii CBD behind Gusii Stadium along Nyanchwa Road. The school rests on approximately 7 acres land on the slopes of Nyanchwa hills overlooking kisii town  giving a panoramic view of the town. it borders lower Nyanchwa that is mostly a  commercial residence estate, Nyanchwa public primary on the left , upper Nyanchwa community and Nyanchwa Girls  and south Kenya conference(SKC) headquarters on the right .    


Nyanchwa started as a Primary School in1918 and its primary objective was to teach the young and old how to read and write. The school was commonly known as Rirondo which means “make shift” building. No certificate was offered after this course. Pastor Paul Nyamweya was in charge assisted by Senior Chief Musa Nyandusi.


Formal education was begun in early 1930s which was then supervised and managed by Pastors from the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Pastor Stanley  Nyachieo was the Education director. In 1948, Pastor Webster was in charge and the school offered intermediate exams standard seven then was equivalent to the current form one and competitive Examination (KAPE) was offered.


The secondary school was started in 1965 as a Harambee school’ with boarding facilities located at the current Nyanchwa Adventist School. In 1974, the school was taken over by the Government. Since then, the school has been headed by several head teachers among them the late Mr. Hezekiah Mobisa, the late Mr.Joel Amenya, the late Mr. Gideon Machoka, Mr John Abai, Hon Joel Onyancha, the late Mrs. Bathsheba Nyambane, Mr. Naphtal Nyang’iti, Mr. Timothy Atuti Oboso and Nelson Omwenga.(current Principal),bringing a total of Principals who have served to 9.




For all those years 1974-2010 the Institution has been operating as a boarding mixed secondary school.

The School had an A-Level segment and it used to offer one stream of science and another one stream of Arts.




Following the challenges facing Mixed Secondary Schools among them Boy-Girl relationships and high levels of indiscipline which have caused poor results, the stake holders recommended the split of the school into two in the year 2008; Nyanchwa Girls and Nyanchwa Boys. The separation was officially done in October, 2010 with Mrs. Norah Nyakundi  Osano as the Principal of the Girls’ School deputized by Mrs.Deborah Osoro. The Boys’ Section was headed by Mr. Timothy Atuti Oboso assisted by Mr.Hezron Nyasani as the Deputy Principal.



These changes have been welcomed by the community and a lot of improvement is expected in terms of discipline and performance in National Examinations.



The current school enrolment for Nyanchwa Boys high school is 230 students.



The school is sponsored by the Seventh Day Adventist Church.



The School has a fully constituted and functional B.O.M and P.A. The first chairman of B.O.M was the late Mr. Joshua Nyaboga Getugi and Mr. Tom Mungei Nyachae was the first P.A. currently the chairperson of B.O.M is Dr. Callen Nyamwange and Mr. Job Mainye the P.A chair.



The teachers employed by the T.S.C are 23 while those employed by the School Board of Management  are 2 bringing the total number  to 25 teachers.



The school has the following Departmental offices:-Mathematics, Humanities, English, Technical,Kiswahili,Guidance and Counseling and Careers, Games and  Science



The school has the following physical facilities; Administration block, Staffroom, 11 classrooms, 2 laboratories,-LowerLab is currently used for physics, technical block having woodwork , Art and Design and Music room, temporal Library, dining Hall and 6 dormitories. Other than the Physical Facilities the school has a farm, a football play ground  and volleyball beaches.




The support staff consists of 19 members ranging from school:

  • cooks, security guards, Grounds men,Secretary.Bursar,1 Lab technician,1 chaplain,1 Cateress,1 Farm Attendant, 1  Librarian.




Some of the support staff members pose for a group photo


The school is challenged and has constraints in some facilities. Those that need immediate attention include;-

  1. Modern and refurbished Library
  2. ICT centre and computers
  3. Modern Administration Block
  4. Staff houses
  5. Dormitories
  6. Multipurpose Hall.





The school’s top achievers since the inception of 8.4.4 in 1989


The school’s top achievers since 2010 when the split was effected

Performance in KCSE AS FROM 2010


Year                entry                mean                grade

2010                65                    4.8923             C-

2011                86                    5.5480             C-

2012                49                    6.1806             C

2013                69                    5.5147             C

2014                77                    6.1039             C

2015                41                    5.8780             C

2016                71                    3.989               D+


This is the Home

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It is a core department at Nyanchwa Boys High School. It has two sub-departments, that is catering and students welfare.

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