We count it a great blessing and honour to be part of the large internet family that is accessible and that provides an interactive social and academic online platform. Nyanchwa Boys High School fraternity endeavors to use this platform to showcase its potential in curricular and co-curricular spheres while at the same time getting online feedback on a number of issues. The website is also a milestone in transforming the education sector by embracing ICT integration  and realigning it with  the country’s 2030 vision  and millennium development goals and in  particular; access to education for all.  It will also facilitate online exchange of information  besides fast and efficient  real time  interactions with all stakeholders across the globe.

To this end, welcome on board and on behalf of the B.O.M Nyanchwa Boys high School be part of our informative, transformative and innovative online platform.


Nyanchwa boys high school has undergone a lot of transformation  since its inception in 2010 in  a number of spheres culminating in this important milestone in technological innovation of establishing it website. Once again, I take this chance to welcome on board all our development partners to our website.

Having welcomed you, I wish to reiterate a few issues concerning the school. First and foremost, I wish to reemphasize that Nyanchwa boys is grounded on a transformative agenda and to this end, it is poised to reengineer its image and reaffirm its position as one of the best extra county schools in kisii county and nationally in terms of holistic development of students. This translates to academic performance, participation in co-curricular activities spiritual wellbeing and general adaptability to life challenges. This dream is anchored on the strengths of the school that include;

a)      The school’s close proximity to kisii town – the school is geographically strategically positioned in the outskirts of kisii town. Located on the slopes of Nyanchwa hill about 1.5km from kisii CBD thus making it quite accessible.

b)      The school has one of the best human resource capacity with highly qualified, experienced and committed staff.

c)      The school offers a wide curriculum spanning from theoretical to practical subjects with fifteen as the total number of subjects offered which gives students a wide latitude of subjects to choose from thus wider scope in career choices.

d)     The school has functional and dynamic academic and non-academic departments that are well synergized and are professionally run.

e)      The school has one of the best and elaborate spiritual nourishment programme that ensures that students do not just grow physically and mentally but that they give allegiance and reverence to God who is the creator and sustainer of everything.

f)       It has the necessary infrastructure in terms of physical facilities like classrooms, laboratories, dormitories, rooms for technical subjects and facilities for co-curricular activities

g)      It has reestablished itself as one of the best in talent management and currently our basketball team is the second best in the county, in indoor games, our students participated up to county level and in music the school represented the school up to regional level.

h)      The general topography and landscape  that gives the school a very good ambiance

i)        The support from other stakeholders like the BOM, PA and good school community linkage.

The school however having been established way back in 1960s , it is evident that most of its structures are dilapidated and worn out making the cost of repair and maintenance quite high. This therefore calls for a major face lift in infrastructural development. Among the areas that are critically affected include;

i)        Inadequacy of staff houses  both for teaching and non-teaching staff

ii)      Administration block is old, worn out and needs amajor overhaul

iii)    The tuition block lacks ceiling boards, the roofs are rusty as a result of weather vulgaries,

iv)    The school needs a utra modern library with ICT installation

v)      The school needs a multipurpose hall with utra modern facilities.

vi)    Water security is still a challenge as the school depends on wells and rain water that is inadequate during the dry spell forcing the school to buy the resource from outside.

vii)   The soccer playground has been leveled courtesy of the Nyaribari Chache CDF kitty but has not been brought to expected standards in terms of drainage, stone-beaching, pavilion construction and securing it  by erecting a perimeter wall around it.

viii)                        The basket ball court needs a concrete slab on it and stone beaching on the upper side to control soil erosion

ix)     The lower lab needs an overhaul in terms of architectural design, facilities and equipment.

In conclusion, I believe that as the school has now inaugurated its website, this is going to open up the avenues of interaction within and across the board. his in turn will provide an interactive platform on which matters concerning the school can be featured thus affording an opportunity for all interested parties to partner with us as we work towards achieving our desired objectives. Once again welcome on board and be free to interact and support this great institution  



I am humbled to welcome everybody on board to the school website. Once again, this is a grand hallmark in technological innovation and an avenue to put this great institution in the global arena. Once again, the school has reestablished its commitment to embrace ICT integration as we interface for digital content transmission. In addition, as technological innovations move a notch higher, definitely Nyanchwa is part of the change momentum.

The school looks forward to more interactive, informative and fulfilling moments as it is all systems go in ICT innovation. Indeed at the tab of a button, Nyanchwa Boys High School is at your fingertips and the school will have opened its brackets to wider society.  It will be quite cost- effective considering that most of the information that both  the internal and external publics  need will  be accessed  online  thus cutting calling or travelling costs to find out on the same. In the academic front, this provides an expanded platform on which our school will share openly with other like- minded schools on academic programmes, contests and examinations thus fostering the spirit of competition.




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