It is a core department at Nyanchwa Boys High School. It has two sub-departments, that is catering and students welfare.

The department has two Boarding teachers Mr. Nyandondi Samson   and Mr. Mogire Kepher who spend most their time with the Boys.

The Department has the cateress and two cooks who work tirelessly to ensure that the boys are comfortable.

There is harmony between teachers, students and cooks and this has enabled the school to discover students’ needs.

The department enjoys good support from the administration.



The department falls under boarding  and  has four workers that is two cooks- Mr  Mokaya Jacob and Mr Omari Sanfun, one cleaner- Mrs Margaret  and the cateress- Mrs Hellen Jared .

 We start by preparing breakfast (Porridge) at 5.00a.m   then serve at 6.00a.m. Thereafter we serve tea break at 10.a.m then lunch at 1.00p.m. and finally supper and 6.30p.m.


                        LUNCH                                             SUPPER

Sunday-           Nyoyo  +                                 ugali Sukuma

Monday           Ugali+sukuma                         ugali sukuma + beef

Tuesday           Rice+Beans+Banana                           Ugali-Sukuma

Wednesday     Nyoyo                                     Ugali Sukuma

Thursday         Ugali+Beans+Orange                                     Ugali+beef_Sukuma

FRIDAY                     Nyoyo                                     Ugali+ Veges

NB the school does not provide special diet and for students with some health challenges, the parents must meet an axtra cost for their meals

During public holidays students are given a special treat


We Serve 10 o’clock tea from Sunday to Friday

Sunday            Ugali + Eggs + Sukuma + Milk

Monday- Ugali+ veges + Beef+ Eggs

Tuesday- rice + beans+ Cabbage

Wednesday- chapatti+ beans+ Cabbage

Thursday- Ugali + Sukuma+ Beef+Eggs

Friday  Ugali_Sukuma+ Milk

Saturday          Rice+ beans+ Cabbage+ Fruits          



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