ICT centre and computers

Though the school has started computer literacy classes from form one to four and computer studies in form one and two, it is still lacking in a number of areas. These ones include;

a)      Lack of a computer  / ICT room

b)      Inadequate number of computers

c)      Lack of projector to enable e-learning

d)     Lack of internet connectivity to access online services  


Modern Administration Block

The current administration block was constructed at the inception of the school and it is inadequate and in a dilapidated condition that indeed requires attention. According to the school strategic plan, the schools administration block which is really the face of the school, is proposed to be a storey building with a spacious principal’s office that can also double up as a board room, deputy principal’s office. It should also have the senior teacher’s office, office of the principal’s secretary and that of the bursar. All departmental offices are also proposed to be in the in first floor and ground floor to serve as stores. 


Staff houses

When splitting of the school was effected in 2010 and subsequent total independence and autonomy in 2016, the Boys school remained with on one staff house with two units. This means that only two teachers can be hosted in those staff houses. That means there is a serious inadequacy of staff houses that ought to be given immediate attention. In June this year a fundraising was conducted to mobilize resources for staff houses starting with the principal’s residence but little was realized. The BOM  has prioritized construction of the residence and gradually address the other staff houses as funds becomes available.


  1. 1.      Playground

The school playground project was undertaken last year and it majorly concentrated on leveling the playground. The project is incomplete and urgently needs the following;

a)      Stone beaching to address the challenge of soil erosion given that  the field on a sloppy gradient  and surface runoff from upper Nyanchwa hills end up causing a lot of soil erosion.

b)      Erecting of a perimeter wall around the field to secure it and elevating it to stadium status so as to decongest kisii stadium given its close proximity to kisii town.

c)      Construction of pavilion  and improving on drainage patterns in the field. 



The ministry of Education through the through school infrastructure programme committed a grant of ksh. 5 million towards dormitory construction .the school undertook to expand and modernize one of the existing dormitory block. The project is at walling stage and urgently requires an estimated amount of ksh 800000 to complete the ground floor and an axtra ksh 15 million to start and complete f1st and 2nd floor as had been envisaged in the architectural design


Multipurpose Hall.


The school is in dire need of a multipurpose hall that can host a number of activities including serving as dining hall, chapel, conference hall, entertainment hall and assembly hall more so during school functions such as school closing ceremonies, academic days, prize giving functions and AGMs. The current dining hall that is currently being used, is small and in dilapidated condition.


Water Security

The school does not have a permanent source of water and has been relying on wells, rain water. During the dry spell however the school experiences a serious challenge culminating in buying the resource from vendors which is really an expensive venture. The school has a big water reservoir that is not functioning owing to poor state of disrepair. The tank has cracks on its floor leading to seepages 


This is the Home

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It is a core department at Nyanchwa Boys High School. It has two sub-departments, that is catering and students welfare.

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