Message from the Students’ Council Chair

Nyanchwa Boys is a school where one can find his destiny if I may say and also this is where I have found mine. I have been serving as the school captain from the year 2016 up to 2017. As the chair I have enjoyed cooperation from other students in curricular and co-curricular areas.

The school has enjoyed relative calm because most of the students are disciplined and are positive about the school and for that reason; it has not experienced any major indiscipline case. The council handles minor cases and refers those beyond it to other higher levels.

The composition of the council is as follows;

1)      Captain – Bonface Onsongo

2)      Ass. Captain-Felix Omoke

3)      Sanitation secretary – Meshack Omwega

4)      Academic secretary –Caleb Anthony

5)      Entertainment secretary –Daniel Onsongo

6)      Laboratoty secretary – Noah Ondieki

7)      Library secretary – Zachary Mochuma

8)      Dining Hall secretary-John  Nyabuto

9)      Ass.Dining Hall secretary-Caleb Ngare

10)  Games secretary –Philip Nyaboga

11)  Top spiritual Leader – Linus Kangwana

12)  Time manager – Jonas Savimbi

Dorm secretaries

1)      Nyayo –Paul Makabuni

2)      Mboya – Ezra Kebuncha

3)      Amenya – Samuel Oigo

4)      Nyandusi- Charles Manuguti

5)      State –Daniel Akunga

6)      Sakawa – Ezra Nyangweso

 In my one year of service as a school head captain, I have learnt a lot about leadership –that leadership is given by God that you need constant guidance from your seniors in order to be successful and that leadership is all about servitude. I personally thank God and my teachers for giving me a chance to serve as a captain in the council and I also thank the students for their cooperation.

In conclusion, remember that leadership is not a position but it is an action, it does not matter how tiny or big you are but you have an opportunity to make things better.

Thanks you and may God bless you.


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It is a core department at Nyanchwa Boys High School. It has two sub-departments, that is catering and students welfare.

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